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Clam Digging in Long Beach this Weekend, April 19-20

April 15, 2008 by: Susan Goldsmith

Bill and I went razor clam digging at Beard’s Hollow during the last clam tide, on April 7th.
We hadn’t clammed together for a long time and it was a blast.
It rained, but who cares!
There is a
razor clam tide this weekend on the Long Beach Peninsula. Call or write us and we will tell you all about it!
I use a clam gun–Bill uses a shovel.
It’s all good. But the best part is eating them.
We clean them and dip them in egg and then in well-seasoned Panko coating (be creative) and fry them for about 30 seconds (until slightly brown) on each side. The razor clam is about the most tender clam you will ever eat.
We can tell you more about how to prepare a razor clam–Bill is the expert on this subject. I just like to eat them.
We do have The Hideaway open this weekend for two nights!!
So come clam digging.
Maybe you can get Bill to go with you!

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