Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn

Long Beach, Washington


Deer Like to Dine at Boreas Inn

August 4, 2016 by: Susan Goldsmith

I was told by my cousin Rosi that you can communicate with the creatures that love your garden as much as you do. So the other week,while there were seven deer in my garden, I went out to meet them and have a pow wow. I approached the largest doe and was within eight feet of her. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind dining in the dunes instead of on my garden’s tender sprouting bulbs. She tipped her head at me like I was crazy. She backed away and looked at me again as I tried to negotiate.

As the beautiful creatures meandered off, I decided to get out the garlic/rotten egg mixture that I spray on the garden to ward off critters. I usually get more on myself than the garden. I also went to the garden store and bought two salt blocks and some alfalfa and Bill put them out by the pet cemetery and off the path in the dunes. In those spots, guests can still view the deer, but hopefully they will be attracted to the salt and not the tender shoots and leaves in the gardens. It may be working….!!

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