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LBP: The PNW's Dungeness crab country

LBP: The PNW's Dungeness crab country

March 11, 2017 by: Drew C. Foster

Welcome to Dungeness crab country.

That’s something you’re bound to start hearing more often from this corner of the Pacific Northwest. Pacific County is home to three major waterways – Willapa Bay, the Columbia River and its namesake, the Pacific Ocean – and all of them produce spectacular Dungeness crab. If that’s not reason enough to celebrate, we don’t know what is!

Learn more about the Pacific Northwest’s crab country.

Celebrate Dungeness crab

So how do you celebrate Washington’s crab country? Pull up a seat and dine with us, for starters. You’ll find Dungeness crab on menus across Pacific County and up and down the Long Beach Peninsula, prepared by exceptional chefs who hang their hats on this regional delicacy.

Or visit one of the many local seafood markets and bring fresh Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab to your home kitchen. Remember to stop by the Visitors Bureau in Seaview for a list of favorite local crab recipes.

More than a meal

In crab country, these tasty crustaceans transcend the dining table. The Long Beach Peninsula and Pacific County have long been artistic havens, and many local creators rely on crab as inspiration. Find crab art at local galleries and crab literature at local bookstores.

We’ll be talking about Pacific County’s Dungeness crab throughout spring and into summer, so you’ll know where to find the good stuff when your mouth starts to water.

We’ll see you in crab country!

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