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No Pining over the Old Pine Tree — Spring Cleaning the Trees at Boreas Inn

No Pining over the Old Pine Tree — Spring Cleaning the Trees at Boreas Inn

March 12, 2013 by: Susan Goldsmith

We’ve seen a huge change today outside our front door!  At long last, there was Spring cleaning on the outside of Boreas Inn!  And we’re not pining over the loss. Our front courtyard contained this big old Austrian pine tree that had grown so tall and become ungainly.  We were afraid it would topple over.  In 1996, when we moved in, it was a pretty pine tree, planted with the best of intentions–but after growing another 30 feet high, it was dropping needles by the buckets and made winter darker in the courtyard.  It was dying…. Today, Arbor Care Tree Specialists from Astoria so very carefully took the tree down in tiny pieces with the work done so perfectly by Jon Fagerland, a brilliantly talented musician from The Holiday Friends Band who’s also a brilliantly talented arborist. There were power lines, cable lines, phone lines and nary a line was nicked.  Ropes and gentle chainsaw work made the removal of our pine look like a tree falling ballet.  We highly recommend Arbor Care Tree Specialists! They left the property without even a tiny bit of a mess.  While they cleaned as the limbs fell or were lowered to the ground, you would have never known what a disaster it was before they commenced the chipping and clean-up.  Many thanks also to Bernie from our local PUD#2 in Long Beach. He disconnected and reconnected the power lines and while here, topped three trees in our parking lot that were playing close to the  lines.  After the tree was down, Ed Strange of Strange Landscape (love that name!) brought over five potted golden bamboo plants which beautifully screens us from the $#@%&  house next door. The courtyard, the kitchen and Hideaway room are now much lighter and brighter. With the courtyard greening up for spring, the early morning sunshine will make for very pretty colors!  Only a little shade will remain.  All of this happened in seven hours!  Now all we have to do is pay for it.  Thanks to everyone for tolerating us on Facebook today. For some reason, this was an emotional experience.

We do have vacancies this weekend at Boreas Inn if you want a simple, luxurious, restful, food-filled weekend at the beautiful beach.  Maybe you will be able to see the Comet PanSTARRS if the skies clear.  If indeed we clear up at the beach, there is a great view of the comet with no city lights!

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