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Long Beach, Washington


Pretty Snow Day

Pretty Snow Day

February 26, 2009 by: Susan Goldsmith

So it started hailing/sleeting/snowing before dark last night and left just a sprinkling of white stuff on the ground and roof tops this morning. The ice crystals were intermingled with darting snow flakes last evening. It was beautiful, like little itty bitty fighter kites darting here and there–but they were snow flakes with very independent minds. Today dawned crystal clear and overall, it was a beautiful day today in the 50’s. Bill saw a whale out in front, heading south, last weekend–probably a gray whale. There are reportedly bait fish and early spring Chinook at the Mouth of the Columbia and it’s rumored that J, K and L pods of Orca’s may be coming from the Puget Sound for brunch. (We haven’t seen Orca’s so far–but perhaps the cruiser Bill saw last weekend was an Orca!) So this might be an interesting whale watching weekend. But who can ever tell what the “big ones” are planning. The Long Beach Peninsula is full of wonder and delight. Here’s an early afternoon shot of the sky and the ocean in front of the inn. Come visit!

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