October 14, 2017

Romance in a razor clam tide

There’s a lot of romance to be found in a razor clam.

Razor clam season arrived on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula in early October and with it returned one of our favorite beach activities – evening clam digging. A nighttime clam dig combines all the elements of a romantic coastal getaway. We’re talking about evening beach strolls, the teamwork required to find and pull a razor clam from its subterranean clutch and, of course, the post-dig cuddle in front of a roaring fireplace with hot chocolate in hand.

We’re talking about a couple huddled around the glow of a lantern or flashlight during a night dig, smiling, laughing and cajoling one another under the splash of incandescence.

Are you ready to experience razor clam romance? Upcoming Long Beach Peninsula digs are tentatively scheduled for:

  • Nov. 3: Friday, 6:47 p.m.; -0.7 feet.
  • Nov. 4: Saturday, 7:31 p.m.; -1.2 feet.
  • Nov. 5: Sunday, 7:16 p.m.; -1.4 feet.
  • Dec. 2: Saturday, 6:49 p.m.; -1.9 feet.
  • Dec. 3: Sunday, 6:15 p.m.; -1.6 feet.
  • Dec. 4: Monday, 7:02 p.m.; -1.8 feet.
  • Dec. 31: Sunday, 5:12 p.m.; -1.2 feet.

Book your coastal clam-digging retreat today by clicking the “Check Availability” button at the top of this page. Or call us at (360) 642-8069 to reserve your room.

Romance in a razor clam tide, Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn

“Oysters are for lovers” is a popular saying in these parts. Well, if that’s the case then razor clams are for couples!

“It’s a super cool time of year, and it’s a really romantic thing to do,” said Susie Goldsmith, owner of Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Boreas sits just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, so you’ll be close to the clamming action. Need a clam gun? No problem. The local Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau loans them for free. Razor clam licenses can be purchased from Dennis Company in Long Beach, the Mobile station in Seaview or Jack’s Country Store in Ocean Park.

Pro tip: Lots of locals swear the best clamming is found in and around Ocean Park, while many others prefer the beach south of the Seaview Approach.

Since these are evening digs, you’ll want to come prepared for fall and winter weather. A jacket, sweatshirt or coat is a must and water-resistant gear is an especially good idea. Wear boots as you’ll be tramping around the water’s edge and may, at one point or another, find a foot underwater. Bring a small bag or net to hold your dug razor clams, and be sure to keep your clams separate from your partner’s bounty, as local authorities sometimes check to ensure people don’t exceed limits.

And don’t forget the camera! Few activities are as photogenic as razor clamming, especially during evening digs.

Now, what to do with those dug clams? We’re happy to show you how to clean them. The process can be slightly messy, so we ask that you clean clams in our kitchen sink and not in a guestroom. We’re also happy to provide recipes (our dipped-and-dredged, gently fried razor clams are to die for!), so don’t be shy about asking for ideas. We can even prepare your fresh razor clams for breakfast or store them in the fridge until you depart. Or you can take your dug clams to Sportsmen’s Cannery in Seaview, where they’ll clean them for you.

So, are you ready to find romance in a razor clam?

Romance resides on the beach. It resides in the search, the shows and the sleuthing. The romance is in the cool sea air and crashing waves. It’s pocketed cell phones and the distance placed between the real and digital worlds.

Yes, there’s a lot of romance to be found in a razor clam tide. Discover it at Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn!

Photos courtesy of Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau


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Romance in a razor clam tide, Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn
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Romance in a razor clam tide, Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn

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