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Susie’s Special Super Sunsets in the Springtime

Susie’s Special Super Sunsets in the Springtime

March 27, 2011 by: Susan Goldsmith

Bill and I take a lot of pictures of sunrises and sunsets wherever we happen to be. Bill is the sunrise and I’m the sunset specialist. He’s the more alert morning guy and I’m the evening person. We each think that the pics the other takes look a lot like the myriad of sunset and sunrise pics we’ve each taken, but to us they all look different and fascinating. So–this time of year at the beach is perfect for taking pictures–the light is beautiful, the rainbows sometimes are doubles and on the rare occasion, we have seen triples. We pull off the roads and whip out our cell phones if that’s all we have, and take pictures. We can’t help ourselves. From Boreas Inn decks and windows, if you have your camera ready, you can catch the eagles flying by and the marsh hawks cruising the dunes looking for prey. Wait for sundown, my favorite time and capture the beauty of the sun leaving for the day. At this time of year, the rebirth of my precious flowers in the (currently wild-looking) gardens , the wild weather and the promise of warmer days lift my spirits. Do you feel the same?

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