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Winter Storm Coming In!

December 11, 2008 by: Susan Goldsmith

So–this weekend we’re having the B&B Open House in five inns on the Peninsula.  This is an annual benefit for the local food banks and gives locals the chance to visit our inns decorated for the holidays and nibble on goodies at each inn.  Having failed to get our B&B association’s press release and photo in the local paper (they told us they didn’t receive it–twice!), the word is out on KMUN radio, perhaps there was mention in the Daily Astorian (I re-sent the press release and added one of my own) and there was a brief listing in  the local paper under Community Activities.  So I have made Creme de Menthe cookies and I’m making chocolate and vanilla cupcakes frosted and decorated with pretty holiday sprinkles, spiced cider and other goodies and some of our friends will show up if they don’t get blown away during the predicted storm tomorrow with wind gusts up to 70 mph.  Then snow… over the weekend maybe.  We are all a bit paranoid having been hammered with our “hurricane” last December 1-3 where we experienced 3 days of winds, 80-140 mph and really, nobody knew about how bad it was because we had absolutely no communication for three days.  In actuality, Bill and I have US Cellular service and we had usable cell phones for most of the storm–but we didn’t know how fortunate we were.  So–Pacific County is going out of their way to prepare us with these dire predictions for the next few days.

We had our wonderful and mellow Holiday Decorating Party last weekend.  Cindy and Robert Davis, Odell Hathaway, Jennifer Flickinger, Mary Berscheidt, Fred Humphrey and his daughter Amy and husband Gary Inman helped decorate.  Bill did the exterior lighting–just perfect, as always.  The weekend was relaxing, full of great food and the inn looks very pretty.  (In case the neighbors all show up for the Open House this weekend!)  Thank you to all of you, dear friends for your help in decorating!  Wish I could get some good exterior shots of the lights at night–but it’s so difficult to shoot!   We still have an opening over New Years and some rooms after Christmas. (And lots before the holiday too!)  So come to the wild SW Washington Coast and sit by the fire!  I am attempting to upload images and the link isn’t working–sorry!  I will try again tomorrow.

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