The Garden Suite>

The Garden Suite>

Fine touches adorn this guestroom, where the lush bedding is set off with silk accents. The private bath holds a 1950s porcelain tub and a large-dumping shower head allows for a nice relaxing steamy experience. Enjoy a queen feather bed topped with a hypoallergenic comforter, an sweet electric fireplace and a day bed for lounging, or an extra guest. An antique desk provides a thoughtful space to write postcards, poetry or prose. Secluded and subdued, the Garden Suite is a favorite among guests seeking a relaxing respite. Sliding French door open to a private deck with a peek at the ocean in the quiet north-side garden. Just fifty steps leads you to the beautiful Boreas hottub in the cedar and glass gazebo where inside, you'll find a therapeutic, wonderfully private 42-jet spa. You can also access the private beach trail in the west garden, Within two steps of the Garden Suite door sits the infamous Boreas brownie dish, good for a midnight snack. The charge for a third person in the Garden Suite is $35 per night.


$179-199.00/per night