The Hideaway>

The Hideaway>

We call this the “Innkeeper’s Choice”. The attic-style, east-facing bedroom is as comfortable and cozy as it is imaginative and fanciful. Discover a surprise slice of ocean view from the balcony, perfect for daydreaming or getting lost in coastal musings. Glimpse the Willapa Hills and eastern garden from the room’s unique rounded window. Unwind next to the electric fireplace or beneath the king-size bed’s luxurious feather comforter. Lovely colors, glass-block accents and antique adornments encourage a private, quiet ambiance. An extra day bed allows for comfortable reading and can accommodate a guest. A sky-lit shower, dumping shower head and exquisite tile highlight a spacious bathroom. Feel at home in The Hideaway! The charge for a third person in the Hideaway is $35 per night.


$179-199/per night