The Pacifica>

The Pacifica>

So named because of its sweeping westward ocean view, the Pacifica is airy, inspiring and whimsical. A hypoallergenic queen bed sits beneath a vaulted ceiling and a large Bali fan that adds a touch of the exotic to the guestroom. An antique desk stirs creativity. The blue and creamy white decor highlights and flows with the natural beauty just out the window – glimpse coastal sunsets and legendary Pacific Northwest storms or watch the early morning fog banks roll off the ocean before burning off beneath the sun. Named “The Best Place to Kiss in the Northwest”, the Pacifica couples romance and relaxation with a 50-inch wall-mounted electric fireplace opposite the bed, a private bath with a luxurious shower head and the peaceful sounds of the Pacific Ocean in the near distance. Find more photos on the reservations page.


$179-199.00/per night